I will never buy anything at diamond doctor shop!

Buying from diamond doctor jewelry shop is one of the most stupid moves I have ever made. I had the interest in some diamond necklace and decided to go and buy it from the shop. I was in for a rude shock in the next few weeks. The shop has some of the worst workers I have ever seen. From their way of talking to their way of welcoming me everything was quite not in order.  I had hopes and I thought that I would be treated with the best treatment that I can get. This was only for a moment’s thought. The first thing that I got was the inquisitive shop attendants who were really rude and lacked etiquette. I had not had enough from them when David Blank, who is also the owner of the shop, asked me if I was not sure of what I needed at the shop in a very sarcastic manner...

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Memory Card for Your Camera

A memory card is a storage card or flash that is used to keep various data such as photos, text documents, videos, and audio files. If you own small and portable devices such as mobile phones, mp3 player gadgets, or a camera, then you can visit your reliable dealer to choose among different SD cardsand find one that suits your gadget. For new users, this tiny card can help you store as many videos, photos, and even music as you need. Therefore, in this digital age, it is the best option that many people go for.

sd cards

Reliable dealers for Cheap Chips in Australia suggest how memory cards have many advantages. First off, there is no complicated procedure to perform to start using them. On the same note, they are light and easy to carry...

Why Implement Shop Fittings In Melbourne

Are you worried about restricting shop lifting in your shop or showroom? Well, then you are not alone, there are many people who are worried about the same, and they all are looking for a solution for this same problem. One of the best solutions for protection of goods in a shop while they are still under attractive display is through the use of shop glass cabinets. And, when you are in Melbourne, then you have great options of shop fittings in Melbourne.

Why use shop fittings to safeguard your products in store

Shop fittings in Melbourne are quite cheap, and most importantly are very safe for use in shops. Reports suggest that the use of glass showcases, and cabinets in shops and showrooms has considerably decreased the rate of shop lifting and missing products in the shops...

How to Choose the Right Shop Fittings for Your Business

Choosing the right shop fitting solution for your business is important both for customer convenience and for visual merchandising purposes. In Brisbane, reliable companies such as retailer’s choice exist to offer shop-fitting services to clients. Therefore, if you opt for shop fitting in Brisbane with Retailer’s Choice, it is advisable to navigate their reliable website in order to learn more about their services. The following are some factors to consider when establishing a retail display.

Identify the product you sell

The first question you should ask yourself is how you can best display and highlight your wares. Different shopping options can allow you to display different products on the shelves of your store...

Top Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Babies need proper care from parents who should provide all basic needs, clothes inclusive. Between feeding, burping, and soothing, clothing is another important factor every parent should consider, to enhance a healthier life for the baby. While many baby cloth designers are in the market today, it is advisable to consider reliable baby cloth designers such as Tiny People Designer Baby clothes to offer you the service.

In addition, you should also learn about the following tips in order to help you shop for quality, which can make your little angel enjoy the new world in comfort and style.

Consider cotton clothes

A newborn baby is precious and so is the baby’s skin. Therefore, certified experts from Tiny people designer Baby clothes recommend that you shop for either 100% organic or 10...

Best Tips for Buying Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond is one of the most popular jewelry applicable in many situations. If you want to show you partner how much you mean to him or her, a gift of diamond engagement ring would seal the deal. However, without enough knowledge about diamonds, you may not be able to choose the right diamond for your engagement ring. That is why it is advisable to work together with reliable companies for appropriate advice. Visiting websites such as http://www.moimoi.com.au/category-diamond-engagement-rings-34.aspx can provide great insight into the diamond market before you begin your selection.

Engagements and weddings are some of the occasions we celebrate using diamond rings. When shopping for a diamond ring, the budget of the jewelry will take most of the important parameters...

How Diamond Doctor Duped Me

The Diamond Doctor lawsuit enlightened me to who I was dealing with. I went through a terrible ordeal doing “business” with this company but never really knew about it until newsflash, “Diamond Doctor is a fraud!”. You can never trust them to do legitimate business. I did. And look what it done me.

Diamond Doctor lawsuit

Let me tell you about my Diamond Doctor bad experience so you will know why I rant so much about the company. I was planning to become a small vendor of diamond rings because I wanted to share the joy I felt when my ex-fiance now husband proposed to me. Being a newly-wed with no children yet, I wanted to pursue something. I planned to experimenting on a few diamond jewelry from Diamond Doctor. I heard they were the official jeweler of the Dallas Cowboys...